Sustainable gastronomy is clean food and clean living.

Its roots are in my childhood memories of Israel; of earth and of nature. In the communal kitchen of the kibbutz, where tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers fresh from the garden were plenty.  In the bounty of food growing all around me - citrus, olives, dates, pecans and figs and the sharing of its work and its wonder. Being immersed in nature I developed  a connection to the earth that I now like to share with others.


I like to consume only natural food, preserving the flavours; unprocessed and unspoiled, a plant-based diet; daily homemade sourdough bread, everything homemade completely from scratch, sustainably sourced, home-grown and with care and thought given to the environment. These are the principles that I carry with me into my professional life.

Health is the most important ingredient for a good life, and good food is essential for wellness.


I believe that it is possible for us to heal with food and that in doing so we can heal the planet. The food industry is charging us a high price; our children's future. By removing processed food from out diet, we are reducing our footprint and restoring ourselves and the Earth.

O N L I N E 

 N E W S L E T T E R

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