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Sustainable gastronomy is clean food and clean living.

I believe that health is the most important ingredient for a good life, and good food is essential for health, and that it is possible for us to heal by providing our body the right food.

In my own life I eat only unprocessed real food, I use simple cooking methods, to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients.

I live on a plant-based diet; baking daily homemade sourdough bread, making kefir to drink and ferment vegetables. 

In my kitchen I use local sustainably sourced and home-grown produce, to create simple fresh meals each day. 

By removing processed food from out diet, we are not just detoxing, we also preventing illness for ourselves,  reducing our carbon footprints and restoring health for ourselves and the Earth. 

I carry this philosophy into my work, when I cook for my private clients as well as catering for events, in my cooking classes and workshop and coaching. 

I love working one on one with clients who had a health scare and turn to look at their diet as a possible way to heal, and work with families to find good ways to feed children more plants. It is so great to see so many people turning to a more healthy Plant-Based diet! and I can put my 30 years experience to good service.

I welcome your questions, requests and business :) 

I am looking forward to hear from you, if I can assist in any way.