One on One  Coaching Service

Choosing to eat a strict plant based diet to improve your health could be a difficult path to take for some.

But as a growing number of people are experiencing chronic pain and digestive difficulties, it has become a popular choice; others are choosing a change of diet for environmental reasons as well.

This service is designed to help you take on a Plant-Based diet so you can be a confident cook, who is more confident with preparing and sourcing your real food and staying away from processed food choices.

How it is done:

We will cook together, try recipes and flavours you like, and talk about where to buy  the ingredients and how to stock your pantry so you can always cook good food. 

In a session, usually at your home kitchen (but not a must), we will start with a discussion - exploring a pantry list of ingredients that  Hagar will explain what they are and where to shop for them. We will look at some cooking methods as well, and different recipes and ideas.

You can ask any questions to really understand how to prepare ingredients you've never tried before.

We will cook a meal and taste some dishes.

A one on one session is perfect to achieve an understanding of the plant-based cuisine so you will make these new dishes tasty and appealing to you, and your family.

Cost is from $50 for an hour.


Hagar is great.  I had a one on one session at my home.

She came well prepared.  A good portion of her kitchen came with her 😉


I am currently working towards eating vegan to improve my health.  It is is not easy for me as I am not creative in the kitchen.

I am one of those people who opens the cupboard and closes it quickly.  

We had great conversation, nothing was difficult and she had some fantastic ideas, recipes and good places to go to get things and importantly gave me the motivation to get started.


We cooked a lovely lunch and chatted more about food ideas, health etc.   

If you are in a pickle like I was, get in touch with Hagar.  She is passionate about food and genuinely cares about people.

My mind is in a better place about food now.  


I wish Hagar well in the future and am looking forward to attending her cooking classes from time to time.

Helen, Allpress Roastery, Dunedin

We were looking to expand our current menu offerings with some tasty & nutritious vegetarian and vegan meal options. Hagar provided a comprehensive onsite consultation, followed by a cooking demonstration and tasting session.

She listened carefully to our needs and provided a selection of versatile ideas which have been popular with our clientele and we have now integrated into our current menu.

Hagar is passionate about the quality and health properties of the food we eat and was a pleasure to work with.




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