Water Kefir


6 tbsp water kefir grains

4 tbsp raw sugar

1 tbsp raisins

3 pieces of crystallised ginger

1⁄4-1/2 a lemon, peeled if not organic

3 cups water

Pinch of baking soda


In a 1 litre “Agee” jar place water and sugar, stir until dissolved.

Rinse the kefir grains in running water and add into the jar, add baking soda, lemon, ginger and raisins.

Place the lid on tight, and leave it on the kitchen bench to bubble away for 24-48 hours, depending on the ambient temperature — when the raisins float to the top — the kefir is ready!

Scoop out the raisins and crystal ginger, squeeze the lemon into the kefir.

Pour the kefir into a bottle through a sieve, to collect the Kefir grains, with the help of a funnel.

Add grated fresh turmeric and fresh ginger and place the bottle in the fridge.

Serve with a squeeze or a slice of lemon, add chopped mint and ice cubes.