Millet Tabouleh

Millet Tabbouleh with coriander mint and parsley


½ cup millet (hulled)

1 bunch fresh coriander

1 bunch parsley

2 Tablespoons mint chopped

2 tomatoes

1 cucumber

½ red onion

Juice of 1 lemon

Mineral salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.


To cook the millet - place in a medium size pot and rinse in cold water a couple of times by covering the millet grains and running your fingers thru the grains then draining the water out carefully to not pour out the grains, then repeat. Cover with water 1cm above the grains and bring to the boil, turn to low and simmer for 10 min, once the grain is soft to the bite the cooking is done, top up with boiling water if necessary.

Let cool completely.

To prepare the herbs: separate the leaf from the stems and chop the herbs finely with a sharp knife, place in a medium size mixing bowl.

Chop the tomatoes to ½ cm cubes, chop the cucumber by half first then in half lengthwise - place flat side down down and in half again, chop to small pieces and add to the mixing bowl.

Chop the red onion by placing the flat side down on the board, into ½ cm pieces and add to the bowl as well.

Add the cold cooked millet to the mixing bowl, mix with the chopped herbs and vegetables, add the lemon juice salt and pepper and serve at room temperature.

Please note - if you are intending to keep this salad in the fridge - keep the tomatoes out and only add the tomatoes when serving.