• Hagar Ozri


Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Have you made plans to ‘go-vegan’ in the new year?..or have you made a pact to eat only homemade unprocessed whole-food? - I hope so !

It’s great to have ideals, but how to live them out could be a challenge.

Here are some ideas for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner to give you some inspiration and help :)


What do I eat for breakfast ??

I LOVE BREAKFAST ! a good breakfast carries you all the way to lunch feeling focused,

energetic and sustained.

Depending on the seasons or the weather I decide if i feel like a cooked or a cold brekkie, hardly

ever do I buy cereal,

Making your own cereal like muesli or porridge is easy and nutritious.

(You can find my muesli recipe in the recipes section. )

Home made Muesli is great after school snack for the kids as well as wholegrain sugar free

breakfast; it keeps well and very easy to make while cooking dinner or baking other things.

Make it your own by choosing variations to your muesli like cinnamon or vanilla essence, maple

syrup, add dried berries raisins dates for example , for serving options there is yoghurt and

banana, fresh fruit that is in season.

Stewed apple and coconut yoghurt with LSA sprinkles for example are great nutrition for


The humble porridge is a great breakfast of-course jazz it up with an Ayurveda inspired millet

porridge with dates, fresh ginger and turmeric; served hot with your choice of milk and honey

maple syrup or molasses- is a very sustained warming breakfast.

Beans on sourdough with pesto, avocado and tomato on greens is a yummy vegan savoury

breakfast. Fresh and alive !!

We try different ideas and tastes and soon enough we find our groove, we settle on a favourite

breakfast for a few weeks.


Lunch time is a time to break the day and de-stress. Nourish and eat at ease and comfort.

Lunch with friends, lunch on the go, lunch at work... wherever you’re having lunch it needs to be

nutritious and balanced : some protein, some carbs and fats with lots of fresh greens!

A sandwich with tofu and greens & beetroot chutney in sourdough bread;

Or Scrambled tofu on sourdough toast;

Potato wedges with herb pesto or tahini dip and sprouts salad..

Avocado and tomato salsa in a polenta slab stack with fresh coriander.

Plant based lunch options are unlimited, the guide will be - seasonal and availability of local

produce and what is in your pantry.

Look for locally made tofu and fry it ahead of time leaving it in the marinade to soak up the

flavours and ready to pop into your sandwich.


Home cooked vegetables grains and beans or pulses is the plant based nutritious meal.

Home cooking takes a bit of planning, soaking beans and legumes ahead of time, shopping for

the whole week of fresh produce from the market. It is a creative process that I really enjoy -

creating a meal out of produce in season and what is in the pantry.

The recipes and ideas for a balanced dinner are infinite, once you get into the flow of cooking

something delicious will be made.

Here are some ideas :

~ Baked potatoes topped with Sauteed kale with garlic with green salad & tahini dressing; or

~ Broccoli and almond salad with moroccan lentil stew on baked Kumara (sweet potato) ;

~ Polenta slabs with avocado and roasted kumara wedges and coriander salsa topping.

Remember to eat a wide diversity of foods, mainly fruit and vegetables, with whole grains and

beans and pulses to create a balance of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.




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