Defining the term "Plant-Based".

What do we mean when we say Plant-based? Is it a vegan diet? Do we mean you need to eat ONLY plants or MAINLY plants?? It is a term that some of us are becoming very passionate about.

To me.... it means a few things.... here is my point of view:

The "Plant-Based" wording is a great term to describe a better way for us to tackle the needs of the planet. and indicates healthy habits and eco friendly ways of eating, the term leaves enough room for our own individual judgement and taste so it is inclusive of all people and non judgemental.

To me it is a diet that is 'based on plants' - i.e. eating mainly plants, as un-processed and organic and natural as we can, and possibly supplementing the plants with some animal products.

In my personal diet I do not consume animal products; but I don't give my customers and audience advice or judgement about eating animal products, every body is different and our nutritional needs are unique to us, but the planet is in trouble so we need to make changes in our production of food as well as our consumption of food to clean up our world and so I am an advocate for the Plant-Based diet as it our best option for reducing our carbon footprints on a daily basis.

There is of course a parallel here - our health improves as well as the planet's health when we take on the Plant-Based Diet, and that is another topic for discussion.

One of the main benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, is that it is very environment friendly: we can reduce our individual carbon footprints by eating less processed food, less meat eggs and dairy products that are sourced from mass farming, and by buying local food as well.

This is a great conversation which we all need to have, in these crucial times when change is required urgently.