Personal  Chef  Service

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Cooking for you at your home.

Whole-Food Plant-Based Cuisine.


You will come home to a fridge full of pre-cooked Plant-Based meals and salads.

The  Personal Chef  service is perfect for those who are too busy to cook while juggling the work/home balance,

Let me cook for you - to ensure you are staying healthy.

If you are suffering from a health condition, chronic or acute and need to be on a strict diet - this is for you as well.

This service is also handy for those who are new to the plant-based cuisine and need to learn how to manage it.

How it works:

Make a booking by clicking here,(or the button below)

Hagar will contact you after she receives your online booking, when you will explain your needs and requirements,  we will find a time that suits for Hagar to cook for you at your home kitchen;  you will receive a menu and a shopping list prior to the  scheduled cooking day.

Hagar will then do the cooking for you. 

The cooked meals will be stored in containers in your fridge, ready for you to heat and serve.


$100 for two hours -singles / couples

$150 for three hours - families

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