About me and my kitchen!

Hi there and welcome !!

I hope you will find here information and inspiration to a healthier you.

We all have our own unique life  journey, but our circumstances sometimes are similar to others and that pushes us to meet and connect. 

I am happy you have stumbles across mine. 

My personal story began in Israel, where I was born. I spent my childhood on a kibbutz (which is a community based on socialist principles) with lush and fertile soil, orchards and fields all around.

I left Israel when I was 21 for London, from there I travelled to New Zealand  in 1989 and settled here. 

I had my first child at 24 years old, and to me that was a major mile stone, It gave me an incredible inspiration and a strong drive, to live close to nature, and live by natural laws as much as possible. So I had the baby at home, (used only herbal medicine when we needed it) ate sustainably, a strict natural vegan whole-food diet. This was the 'bouncing board'  and a beginning for my life's work with food and cooking, in my home as well as in my service to others.  My services - Catering, Personal Chef Service, Coaching, Cooking Classes and Workshops - all have one thing in common: it is always, simple, real food, fresh fruit and vegetables, raw or cooked from scratch, nuts and seeds etc. etc. always served with love and care.


With my passion for real food I began my career in the retail and hospitality industries in 1998 when I opened a small health food shop in Coromandel town, after a wee break raising two more children, I worked in a popular and unique community  ran cafe in Coromandel.

We moved to Dunedin in 2005 where I was part of  Circadian Rhythm vegan cafe.

Two years  later I started  my own business as "The Organic Cook" cooking food for healing as a personal chef as well as running popular cooking classes, in Dunedin. 

You can find my food column in the Otago Daily Times weekend supplement" Resilient" (read it here  https://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/food-wine/celebration-abundance,) .

I also present a fortnightly radio show called "Sustainable Gastronomy" ( you can listen to podcasts here https://www.hagarozri.co.nz/radio-show)  where I interview local foodies and farmers, and address health issues that concern us all. (Check out podcasts of the show on the tabs at the top).

 I would love to share my food and sustainable gastronomy with you too. 




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