I am an Israeli born, mother of four beautiful humans.

I left Israel when I was 21 for London and discovered the way the western world ate...

Processed Food, TV Dinners and Fast Food culture made me crave the food back home.

This was the 'bouncing board' for my life's work with food and cooking,

And  in my home as well as in my service to others - it is always real food on offer, fresh fruit and vegetables cooked from scratch, with love and care in its preparation.

My passion for real food I began my career in making and sharing my love for plant-based, organic and whole foods. Catering, cooking in Cafes and cooking food for healing, for private clients in their own home.

I live and work in Dunedin in the south of New Zealand.

I run a fortnightly radio show called Sustainable Gastronomy where I interview local foodies and farmers, all heroes of our local food network. Check out podcasts of the show here http://www.accessradio.org/ProgrammePage.aspx?PID=80655e91-fdc5-4416-8103-abdfaeb34b0f

or on the newsletter page.

I started several successful restaurants, including Circadian Rhythm in Dunedin and have taught hundreds of kiwis my brand of healthy living and beautiful cooking. I would love to share my food and sustainable gastronomy with you too. 



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photography by michaela cox

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