About me and my kitchen!

Hi there and welcome !!

I hope you will find here information and inspiration to a healthier you. We all have our own unique life  journey, but circumstances sometimes are similar to others and that pushes us to meet others and connect, so I am happy you have stumbles across mine. 

My personal story began in Israel where I was born, spent my childhood on a kibbutz which is a community based on socialist principles.

I left Israel when I was 21 for London, and came to New Zealand six months later in 1989. 

I had my first child at 24 years old, and to me that was an incredible inspiration and strong drive to live as close to nature and live by natural laws as much as possible, so I had the baby at home and lived on a strict natural vegan whole-food diet.

This was the 'bouncing board' for my life's work with food and cooking in my home as well as in my service to others - it is always real food on offer, fresh fruit and vegetables cooked from scratch, with love and care in its preparation.

With my passion for real food I began my career in the retail and hospitality industries in 1998 when I opened a small health food shop in Coromandel town, I worked later in a community cafe called Driving Creek Cafe, then moved to Dunedin and started Circadian Rhythm vegan cafe, with three others and later on opened my own business as the organic cook cooking food for healing for private clients in their own home. 


I run a fortnightly radio show called Sustainable Gastronomy where I interview local foodies and farmers, and address health issues that concern us all. (Check out podcasts of the show on the tabs at the top).


I started several successful restaurants, including Circadian Rhythm in Dunedin and have taught hundreds of kiwis my brand of healthy living and beautiful cooking. I would love to share my food and sustainable gastronomy with you too. 



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